Essencia SLP Fragrance Spray Pump

Spray Pumps


Super-low profile spray pump in a compact design

Small and discreet, the Essencia SLP fragrance pump provides a fine and continuous spray and is our most compact, contact free design.

Key Features:

  • Compatible for fine sprays
  • Dosages: 70µ, 100µ
  • Fixtures: Crimp-on FEA 13 & 15
  • Actuators: Metal finishing, diameters 12,1 & 13
  • Pump and glass bottle can be recycled together
  • Customizable

Why Choose Essencia SLP?

  • Super-low Profile
  • Recyclable Packaging

A super low profile option at an even smaller height: Less than 1 mm will enhance your smallest designs.

Pump & glass bottle can be recycled together*. For optimal recycling of the metal components, leave the entire pump on the glass bottle.

*The ability to be recycled together in the glass stream is dependent upon the capability of the local recycler.

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