Maya Aerosol Valve

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A premium, customizable aerosol solution designed for sustainability. 

Maya is an aerosol actuator that is secure, convenient, and more sustainable* due to the hoodless design. The twist-to-lock feature allows for on-the-go use and product security while in transit.

Maya’s top surface is 100% customizable, allowing brands to add logos, finishes or sensorial actuation features to enhance the consumer experience. Additionally, Maya is molded in two parts, allowing for endless color combinations.

Maya is adaptable across spray applications including high powder, with an ultra smooth flow path for solid powder formulations that reduces clogging.

Key Features:

  • Formula Type: Spray, Powder
  • Valve Type: VX or BOV, Ariane Valve, 4,0mm & 3mm stem
  • Continuous Control Dispensing
  • Fit: 1″ Mounting Cup
  • Production Ready: NA
*56% less material than a traditional actuator with overcap.

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