Polyfoil Airless Pump Tube



The precision of a pump with the multi-layer protection of a Polyfoil tube

When the designs of Evolux and EvoClassic pumps meet the extra protection of a Polyfoil tube. It acts as a protective barrier against UV rays and oxygen to preserve formula integrity and offer the best of a skincare routine.

Key features :

  • Delivery in one part, bottom fill
  • Pumps and overcaps from full metal to full plastic
  • The Polyfoil range is available with Neopac tubes only
  • POM free cartridges and pump
  • Component available in PCR Plus
  • Volume of the tube : from 15ml to 70ml
  • Large decoration range (multi-sensory effects, varnish matte or glossy,…)
  • Available in the EMEA region

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