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Silk Sensea reveals the soul of your scent. It offers the ultimate sensorial experience: a gentle spray, just like a veil on the skin. The ultimate continuous diffusion, 10 times longer than the Classic spray, for the same dosage.

Silk also gives you the ability to personalize your ritual, setting your own dosage : from a precise spray to a more enveloping mist. Silk reveals all the facets of a fragrance without the flash of alcohol. The most delicate and slow diffusion in a completely silent ritual.

Sustainability Benefits


Pump & glass bottle can be recycled together*. For optimal recycling of the metal components, leave the entire pump on the glass bottle.

*The ability to be recycled together in the glass stream is dependent upon the capability of the local recycler

A screw fixation is available for the entire collection.

10% lighter than the alternative on the market.


Applying and wearing fragrance is an intimate experience that is unique to each consumer.

The rituals of our daily routine, are nurtured by our personality, our culture, our environment and the very essence of our perfume. We invite you to explore our Ritual Collection, where every detail is designed to offer you the experience desired.

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