Twinset Airless Dual Dispenser



Create your own combination of two different fomulas in one perfect synergy with a clever snap/unsnap system.

Twinset is a 2-in-1 lightweight format composed of two 15 ml airless packaging that you can easily combine to create a double sided product or use separately.  Its clever base design allows you to create your own final product by just combining two formulas in one easy step.

Key Features:​

  • Volume: 15 ml x2
  • Top fill airless piston
  • 100% plastic
  • Several options available: Pearl Crusher actuator, transparent cap, ISCC-certified material
  • Suitable for organic cosmetics (COSMOS & ECOCERT standard compliant)
  • Available in EMEA region
  • Available in Full Service

Why choose Twinset?

  • Versatile Packaging
  • Snap & Unsnap
  • Travel-friendly Format

Skincare, makeup or both, anything is possible ! Imagine your own combination to create a unique product.

Twinset is fun and super easy to use ! It features a clever base design with a simple snap and unsnap function inspired by jigsaw puzzles. From 2 to 1 : just twist the 2 airless pakaging at their base.

Its light and portable format allows you to take it everywhere. It is the ideal dose for a quick get away or to have ready in your bag.

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