Neomix Airless Dual Dispenser



Innovative and user-friendly airless dual dispenser, unique in one click!

Neomix is a patented dual-chamber airless package with a separate cartridge that inserts into the main bottle for a bespoke formula and final product.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with high viscosity formulas
  • Dosage: EVO atmo or airless (240 μl)
  • Volume: 35 ml (27 + 8 ml)
  • Full pack available with ISCC certified chemical recycled copolyester & POM free
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Why Choose Neomix?

  • Dual Dispenser
  • Airless Technology
  • Clean & Easy to Use
  • Recycled Material

Patented dual-chamber packaging with separate cartridge to insert into the main bottle to create your personalized formula that is blended at the very last minute.

Compatible with high-viscosity formulas with all the usual benefits of airless packaging (cartridge and base): extra-protective (no contact with air, light, dust or external pollution), no formula waste (above 90% evacuation rate) and 365° dispensing​.

Clean dispensing and automatic dosage and mix of the main formula and the booster cartridge in a 80/20 ratio.

Full pack available with ISCC Certified chemical recycled copolyester.

Compatible with a Range of Formulas

  • Skin Care Formulas
  • Makeup Formulas
  • Haircare Formulas

Choose your booster and insert it to the main bottle for a personalized cream or serum.

Neomix is also compatible with makeup formulas such as foundation. Insert your booster: blush, bronzer or highlighter and create a unique formula.

Neomix offers high protection for complex hair care formulas with its dual-chamber system​.

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Neomix Skin Care


Aptar x CLARINS for Boosted Facial Care

Iconic French beauty brand CLARINS chose Aptar and Neomix to capture the essence of their best-selling Blue Orchid Oil range.

The challenge

Recreate the sensory experience and application methods of the Clarins Spas at home. Feel in just one drop the extraordinary blend of the iconic Blue Orchid oil and a lightweight cream emulsion, in a simple yet effective face care ritual.

The solution

Neomix, Aptar’s innovative airless technology, preserves the precious actives and gently dispenses cream and oil together in one blend.

Find out more about Aptar x CLARINS.

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