2″ Ultra LT Snap Top

Closures, Snap Tops

Food + Beverage

The Ultra LT Snap Top is an expansion of our 2” Ultra product line, offering a flow control valve with SimpliSqueeze® technology.

Ultra LT is a reduced weight, high-performance closure. The valved snap top is inverted capable and designed as a versatile solution for dispensing thick or thin viscosities in the food category.

Available in a 38mm neck finish option.

Manufacturing Location: United States

Product Details

Lightweight Closure

Weight reduction versus traditional closures

Easy & Convenient

One-handed flip top opening convenience

No Mess Dispense

Clean, controlled dispense with SimpliSqueeze®

Inverted Capable

Designed to be upright or inverted to meet your product needs

No Utensils Needed

  • Direct product access
  • RediSpread orifice option

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