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Prohaler® is a high performance, multi-dose dry powder inhaler (DPI) that helps to improve patient compliance and adherence in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is activated by simply breathing. It’s lightweight and intuitive design is easy to use and suitable for all patient types.

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A Multi-Dose DPI for Improved Patient Compliance

Innovation in Dry Powder Inhalation

Dry powder inhalers are activated by breathing and we developed a high performance, multi-dose dry powder inhaler (DPI) device by focusing on simplicity of use for improved patient compliance.

Patient Focused Features

Our proprietary Prohaler® multi-dose inhaler has several features that can improve patient compliance and ease of use. The device is portable and compact and no coordination is needed. With powder formulation efficiency measures and a visual dose counter with audible click sound indicator, patients can be confident of successful dose delivery.

Clinic and Patient Ready

The Prohaler® DPI is a proven solution for multi-dose dry powder inhalation.  This technology has molding and assembly capabilities in place that are capable of supporting your needs so that Aptar Pharma can help to accelerate and de-risk your Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) programs.

Integrated Support & Development Services

Our extensive inhalation development support services include DPI device selection, formulation development, analytical method development and validation as well as comprehensive regulatory support.

Innovation in Dry Powder Inhalation

We understand the challenges that asthma and COPD patients face in managing their conditions and maintaining compliance with their treatment regimens. When our dedicated teams of inhalation R&D scientists worked with international thought leaders and patients, their goal was to design and deliver a simple, reliable and intuitive multi-dose dry powder inhaler (DPI) system that would enhance patient compliance and adherence.

We made the device lightweight and portable so that it’s really easy to use. Dose indication and acknowledgement are an integrated part of the design to provide patients with confidence to self-manage their treatment. We designed Prohaler® using the QbD (Quality by Design) approach and this allowed us to ensure that the product meets the desired performance standards, is safe and reliable, and is easy to use by patients. Additionally, the use of QbD enabled us to minimize the risk of product failure and maximize the likelihood of success.

With only three simple steps to operate: Open, Breathe-in, Close (OBIC) practically all patients can use Prohaler®.

Patient focused features

Prohaler® is lightweight and portable and intuitive to use so it can always stay with the patient. It carries up to 30 individual powder doses in separate sealed laminated blisters for optimal moisture protection.

With an integrated visual dose indicator, the user knows if there are doses remaining in the device. Prohaler® also incorporates an audible click noise when the dry powder dose is administered so the user can easily confirm dosing success.

With its unique breath-triggered blister opening mechanism, Prohaler® reduces dose wastage, which can be a common problem with other conventional DPIs.

Integrated Support & Development Services

We are a trusted authority and leading company for the latest innovations in inhalation and dry powder inhaled drug delivery. This is based on our decades long experience in this specialized drug delivery route. Aptar Pharma offers comprehensive development and support services to help our customers derisk and accelerate the process of bringing these important respiratory products to the patients that need them most.

Our extensive knowledge of dry powder inhalation products, our broad range of specialized formulation development, analytical development, technical and regulatory support can help guide customers through the challenging and constantly evolving regulatory approval landscape.  Aptar Pharma is your ideal partner for new or repositioned multi-dose DPI products.

Advantages of Prohaler® Dry Powder Inhaler

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to carry
  • Breath-triggered dose opening
  • Assured dose delivery
  • For a wide range of patient types
  • Powerful dose dispersion
  • Optimal moisture protection

Prohaler® is simple and intuitive to use, even for emergency use

Simply Open, Breath-in and Close (OBIC) are the three steps required for DPI dosing. Suitable to reliably treat acute or chronic symptoms with no requirement for complicated instructions or complex preparation steps.

Our Prohaler® is small and lightweight

Easily and conveniently portable in a purse, pocket, or bag.

Our Prohaler® has unique breath-triggered blister opening

This elevates powder protection and avoids wasted dosages seen with other common DPI technologies.

See and hear dosage delivery with Prohaler® indicators

A visual dose counter and audible click provide patients with reassurance of successful dry powder dose delivery every time.

Consistent performance for a broad range of patients

The Prohaler® design ensures the application of an optimized, consistent inspiratory flow, minimizing the impact of patient-to-patient variability.

Our Prohaler has a powerful dose dispersion engine for consistent performance

Highly effective powder de-agglomeration and dispersion safeguards successful dose delivery.

Our Prohaler® holds 30 blister sealed powder doses

For optimal moisture protection all 30 individual dry powder doses are sealed in sealed foil laminated blisters maximizing shelf life and product performance.

Let Us Help you Find the Optimal Respiratory Solution for Patient Compliance.

Contact us now and benefit from our proven know-how in innovative inhalation solutions.

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