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Aptar Pharma Expands Injectables Components Manufacturing Capabilities

Gabriel Zenker, President, Aptar Pharma Injectables, discusses Aptar Pharma’s recently announced expansion of its manufacturing capacity and capabilities. The building of a new factory in Granville, France, as well as new production lines in Congers, U.S., will increase worldwide production capacity for syringe plunger and vial stoppers, including PremiumCoat® ETFE film-coated components. Zenker explains the expansions goes beyond capacity alone, with the implementation of new manufacturing technologies, digitalization and clean rooms to provide customers with the quality they need for their most sensitive drug developments. Aptar Pharma aims to be a first choice solution provider for the pharma industry, with solutions able to deliver performances in line with, or even superior to, the gold standards currently on the market. In line with Aptar’s sustainability objectives, Aptar Pharma’s injectables expansion includes energy saving, water management and ergonomics upgrades. Aptar Pharma is transforming expectations of what an injectable partner can be.

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Author(s): Gabriel Zenker
27 Jan 2023

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