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Building Digital Solutions To Meet The Unique Therapeutic Needs of Patients

Despite considerable progress in the digital health industry, the adoption of digital healthcare solutions by patients remains relatively low. There are many contributing factors but one of the most important obstacles is that currently, digital solutions are often considered late in the drug development process.

This article highlights how an earlier and more consultative involvement of patients’ matters in the development of new digital health solutions can lead to multiple benefits for pharmaceutical companies. Actively involving patients in the development process allows for a better understanding of their expectations, refinement of the specifications and features needed and ensures that the end product will address the right range of clinical and non-clinical challenges faced.

This engagement with patients is not a one-shot approach but must be considered throughout the entire design and development of digital healthcare solutions. It requires agility in the development lifecycle, which can sometimes be counterintuitive for the risk-averse pharmaceutical industry. However, agile development ensures the co-creation of a digital solution alongside innovative therapies, and the final deliverable has a higher probability of meeting both business and usability problems and actually being used by patients.

This publication highlights the joint expertise and collaboration of Noble, an Aptar Pharma company and Aptar Digital Health in the development of digital health solutions for enhanced patient experiences.

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Author(s): Benjamin D'hont Joe Reynolds
14 Dec 2022

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