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Aptar Pharma discusses tests for preservative-free, topical eye drops

The need to improve topical ophthalmics is intensifying against a back-drop of aging populations and an unsustainable reliance on invasive/expensive treatments for certain common eye disorders.

This article considers existing ophthalmic delivery technologies and recent progress in topically applied medications. Issues associated with the use of preservatives are outlined and the benefits and difficulties of preservative-free formulation are considered. Aptar Pharma has recently released a test method for determining microbial integrity in preservative-free formulations – Tip Seal Integrity Test 2.0 (TSIT 2.0) – which sets a benchmark for the development of such products. The company’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser is introduced as a safe, stable and sustainable solution for the development of preservative-free topical ophthalmics; the potential for connected devices to improve patient outcomes is also highlighted.

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Author(s): Matthias Birkhoff
1 Jan 2020

Matthias Birkhoff provides an overview of existing ophthalmic delivery technologies and progress made within topically applied medications – and introduces a new method aiming at standardizing the test setup for testing microbial integrity in preservative-free formulation.


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