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Nasal Drug Delivery: Past, Present and Future Perspectives

Nasal drug delivery has long been used for locally-acting therapeutics for the treatment of, for example, allergic rhinitis. However the accessible, well vascularized nasal cavity also facilitates systemic absorption and is increasingly used for that purpose. This article looks at the history of intranasal drug delivery systems from neti pots and simple droppers through to the sophisticated metered dose nasal sprays in widespread use today. The ongoing evolution to digital devices is highlighted. Easy to use, precise and convenient, modern intranasal drug delivery devices are finding application for delivery of an increasingly broad range of therapeutics, from combination products for topical relief to rescue/emergency medications, vaccines and drugs for the treatments of disorders of the Central Nervous System. The regulatory landscape for nasal drug delivery is discussed.

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Author(s): Dr. Julie D. Suman
Inhalation Magazine
10 Dec 2020
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