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Supporting Improved Patient Onboarding and Adherence with Training Solutions

Self-injection with an autoinjector or pre-filled syringe is increasingly routine with the prescription of growing numbers of biotherapeutics for the treatment of chronic illnesses; auto injection enjoys greater patient acceptability. This article considers the role of state-of-the-art platform training solutions from Noble, an Aptar Pharma company, in patient onboarding, highlighting their potential to improve adherence to treatment regimens. Noble’s platform allows pharma companies to rapidly and easily develop a customized, branded patient training device for any specific autoinjector/product. As well as improving technique, patient training devices can reduce the fear associated with self-injection and build patient confidence. They have an important role to play in helping time-poor healthcare practitioners to achieve successful patient onboarding.

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Author(s): Bill Guilliouma
1 May 2020

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