Customization & Brand Differentiation

Each brand story is different. For more than 70 years, Aptar has helped brands bring their unique packaging ideas to life. From the creative concept to delivery of finished products, we are committed to quality, service and timeliness.

Custom Capabilities

Our experienced teams around the world are dedicated entirely to customized packaging solutions. We have the resources to ensure the most optimal design and management of your custom project.

  • Materials
  • Sensory & Visual Finishes
  • Visible Differentiation


  • Transparent Resins: Surlyn, Bi-injected, Overmolding
  • Opaque Resins: Classic injection, Technical pieces, Mold engraving
  • Metal: Stamping, Anodizing

Sensory & Visual Finishes

  • Metallization, Lacquering
  • In-mold labeling decoration, Image transfer
  • Silk-screen printing, Hot stamping
  • Laser engraving

Visible Differentiation

  • Textile and Interior trim

Color Matching

We offer a wide range of colors–more than 50% of all Aptar production uses custom colors. This customization allows you to differentiate your products in stylish, sophisticated ways. Aptar has an expansive knowledge of color development, offering color chip and colored samples. To present your projects, you can request colored samples to review the final product that is going to be launched on the shelf. In addition, thanks to our broad network of suppliers, we guarantee to provide you with any color required for your final product. Do not hesitate to request the colored samples you need for your marketing presentations and line trials before your project launch.

An Integrated Approach

Design is part of our DNA. We offer the optimal technical solutions to meet the requirements of each project. We innovate in both design and industrial processes to achieve the best results.

Project Management Expertise

We anticipate your needs, and every project manager is supported by a team of business experts. Our team offers responsive and transparent communication through the entire process to allow us to adjust our approach through your project phases.

Tools and Technologies

Our project tools include second and third designs, experimental designs, constraint analyses, mold flows, kinematic simulations, fast 3-D modeling, prototype and pilot molds.

Quality and Certification Management

We comply with the specifications and certification procedures of every customer. We adapt our quality assurance equipment for the entire process: robots, dimensional control or decoration cameras (to detect texture or color issues, etc.). Flexibility and a high level of service are signature Aptar strengths in this area.

Services By Market

Pharmaceutical Market

At Aptar, efficacy is a consideration that goes well beyond the active ingredient. As a leading provider of drug delivery systems and services, we enable safe, convenient and compliant medicine delivery. We provide so much more than just a device; we offer complete solutions that enable your brands and your products to be highly effective and to stand out from the crowd.

Our various technology platforms take into account the need for product differentiation and brand equity, which is why we offer a variety of customized solutions.

And, as a market leader, we continue to develop new, leading-edge technologies that support better patient outcomes, even greater levels of differentiation for your products and higher levels of recognition for your brands.

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Beauty Market

We partner with you on every challenging project–from concept and design to stamping and anodization–with strong know-how that gives form to your ideas and expresses what makes you unique.

Our custom development team leverages proven and new technologies to create innovative dispensing and packaging solutions largely focused on shape design, functionality and enhanced consumer experience. Combined with recognized industrial capabilities, we offer customized solutions across all our business fields.

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Our dedicated design and engineering team turns concepts and ideas into reality and is constantly pushing the envelope to create truly revolutionary packaging solutions that change the lives of people everywhere.

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