Haircare Dispensing Solutions


A wide range of haircare dispensers perfect for targeted scalp and hair treatments.

  • Airless packaging: Serumony, Macro, Neomix
  • Fluid formula dispensers: Star Drop, Softips, Oiler, Pearl4U
  • Spray pump: PZ Nozzler

Discover our haircare solutions

  • Airless Packaging
  • Fluid Formula Applicator
  • Spray Pump

Extra-protective airtight packaging for mass to prestige markets, especially developed to protect fragile, air-sensitive, light formulas and active ingredients.​

Fluid formula applicators that allow precise and clean application to targeted areas such as the scalp​.

Leak-free spray pump perfectly suited for a targeted & direct-to-scalp spray application (with specific insert). Compatible with oil-based formulas.

Star Drop

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Star Drop offers a soft and precise drop-dispensing with just one hand. Its e-commerce capable and travel-friendly packaging stays clean and is easy to use thanks to the patented SimpliSqueeze® valve.



Serumony features a patented dispensing technology allowing a controlled and precise application. The airless technology guarantees the protection of even the most fragile formulas with an excellent evacuation rate and leakproof 360° dispensing.



Neomix is a patented dual-chamber airless packaging with a separate cartridge to insert into the main bottle for a bespoke formula and unique final product.


Creamy formulas ?

Airtight airless dispensing packaging, that will protect the integrity and benefits of any formula, are what you are looking for.​​

Fluid formulas ?

Lotion pumps flawlessly dispense liquid, lightweight textures for light to buildable coverage.​​

Ultra fluid formulas ?

→ Next-gen droppers, such as Star Drop, allow clean and controlled doses.

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