Dispensing/Lotion Pumps


Vita is the new one-hand dispensing system from Aptar, that features a unique design and offers a new cleaner and easier gesture for cotton pad applications of water-like formulations.

Vita is ideal for parents looking for secure, clean and easy-to-use baby care products.

Vita ambition is to become a must-have  for women as its new gesture will ease their daily use of water-like skin care products.

Technical Information

  • Transparent / translucent lid
  • Twist-to-lock system
  • Sealing in both locked and unlocked position
  • Metal free pathway for easy product compatibility
  • Options: metalized shell, sleever, transport clip, clip TE
  • Dosages: 0,8cc and 1,2cc
  • Closures
    • 24-410 – 2N, 3N, N-shelled
    • 28-400 – 2N, 3N
    • 28-410 – 1N, 2N, 3N, N-shelled
    • 28-415 – 1N, 3N
    • 28-410 T ( rachet finish) – 1N
    • 27-230 (Snap-on) – 1N

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