Activ-Film™ Material


Aptar CSP Technologies’ Activ-Film™ material enhances product stability in ways that are invisible to consumers and more efficient for manufacturers. This technology is a proven solution to protect stability of products across all application fields we service, including diagnostics, dermal drug delivery, oral solid dose, medical device/implants, inhaled drug delivery and probiotics.

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Custom Headspace Management Formatted to Fit Your Needs

Proven solution to extend shelf life and maintain stability of sensitive products

Activ-Film™ material can be formulated to adsorb moisture, scavenge oxygen, or combine both functionalities to provide the optimal microclimate protection for your product.

Wide variety of formats

Activ-Film™ material is available as continuous roll of film or can be die cut into unique shapes. There are many ways to integrate the film into the product’s design, such as applying it to foil pouch packaging or integrating it into a medical device or diagnostic dipstick.

Adhesive-Free Design

Our proprietary heat staking process eliminates residual solvents. When applied seamlessly to the interior of a package, using the company’s patented heat staking process, Activ-Film™ material eliminates the impact of residual solvents and supports ICH stability requirements.

Activ-Film™ Material Advantages

  • Customized Designs
  • Moisture Adsorbing
  • Oxygen Scavenging
  • Combination Films
  • Specialty Formulations

Customization for a wide range of size, shape, and packaging requirements

The flexible materials are ideal for use in packaging configurations like foil pouches, stick packs and blister packs, and are a unique solution that can be seamlessly integrated into medical devices, implants, or diagnostic dipsticks to assure long term stability.

Molecular sieve or silica gel formulations available

Available in a molecular sieve formulation (designed for lower relative humidity) or a silica gel formulation (ideal for applications prone to over-drying).

Effective at any relative humidity

These films do not need moisture and are effective at any relative humidity. Oxygen scavenging films can consistently reduce and maintain O2 levels to below 1%.

One solution for multiple stability needs

Available as an oxygen and moisture-scavenging combination, these compounds provide one solution for multiple sorption needs.

Solutions that go beyond typical stability challenges

Films that scavenge odors or volatile organic compounds, as well as films that emit aromas or antimicrobial agents fill unique customer needs.

Learn How Activ-Film™ Material Can Revolutionize
Your Drug Packaging Challenges

The ultimate option for integrating stability solutions into your current drug packaging design. Activ-Film™ material offers myriad possibilities.

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