Unidose (UDS) Powder Nasal Spray System

Unidose/Bidose Systems


Aptar Pharma’s Unidose (UDS) Nasal Powder system was designed to deliver a single precise dose quickly and easily. Nasal powder formulations can offer unique benefits to both product owners and patients including greater product stability, enhanced bioavailability, higher dosing and delivery of molecules with low aqueous solubility.

The Unidose Powder Nasal Spray System

Nasal powder advantages

Nasal powders are ideal for moisture sensitive or low solubility molecules, minimizes excipient requirements, allows larger dose administration, improved bioavailability and enhanced drug diffusion/absorption.


Proven powder technology

As Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product (OINDP) system specialists, Aptar Pharma have supported customers who developed EMA and U.S. FDA-approved nasal powder drug-device combination products commercialized across multiple therapeutic categories and applications.


Accurate and precise single dose powder delivery

Our Unidose Nasal Powder System was designed to deliver a single and precise dose of powder formulation.


Easy to use and always ready

Ready with no priming or shaking required. Our Unidose nasal powder system is manufactured to offer simplicity of operation. With 360-degree functionality, our system is designed to be administered from nearly any position and no special medical training is required.

Drug repositioning

Ideal for repositioning or reformulating existing drugs in a new powder OINDP delivery format, extending the product’s lifecycle or gaining marketing differentiation.


Emergency use

Our Unidose Powder Nasal Spray delivery system is compact and convenient to carry, and can help to elevate patient compliance. With its integrated dose indicator, you’ll always have confidence your pre-primed emergency use powder system is ready for emergency situations.


Full service support

Aptar Pharma offers more than just industry-leading single dose nasal spray systems. Our international manufacturing network delivers unrivalled quality and security of supply. We offer fully integrated analytical, development and manufacturing services that can take your idea from formulation to patient.

Nasal powder advantages

Nasal powders can provide some unique product advantages over other drug delivery methods. One of the most obvious advantages of nasal powder formulations is that is composed of dry powder with a limited excipient profile and is moisture free.

Moisture sensitive or low aqueous solubility formulations, a dry powder nasal delivery system may prove ideal. Nasal powder formulations may provide a significantly enhanced shelf life for and simplified formulation for those molecules with low aqueous solubility or molecules not compatible with aqueous based formulations.

Nasal powder delivery can minimize excipient complexity, allow for administration of larger doses of medication or greater bioavailability through enhanced drug diffusion and absorption across the mucosa as compared to liquid nasal formulations.

Proven powder technology

With over 100 million systems sold worldwide, thousands of people use our Unidose and Bidose systems every day, across a range of therapeutic indications and treatment scenarios. Combined with our numerous customer references, Aptar Pharma’s track record of quality and compliance for its single dose nasal powder delivery system is unmatched.

Delivers an accurate, single dose

Our Unidose nasal powder system was designed to deliver powder drug formulations precisely and consistently via a single dose. We designed our market leading nasal powder system that’s also simple to use.

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose nasal powder system is ideal for many drugs requiring administration via the nose-to-brain pathway, which allows therapeutic compounds to quickly enter the Central Nervous System (CNS) by targeting the upper part of the nasal cavity, or olfactory region.

Easy to use and always ready

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose Nasal Powder ready-to-use systems are intuitive. Just insert in the nostril and depress the plunger style actuator to administer the single full dose. Aptar Pharma’s Unidose nasal powder system provides 360° functionality, so the dose can be administered from practically any position. This reliable ease of use makes it ideal for emergency use applications when time is of the essence.

Drug repositioning opportunities

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose Powder Nasal Spray system provides a unique opportunity to reposition or repurpose existing drugs from other delivery routes to OINDP devices including Powder Nasal Sprays. Our expertise and experience in adapting existing drug products to single-dose Powder Nasal Spray systems has helped numerous partners to extend the lifecycle of their products, respond to unmet patient needs and provide unique brand differentiation. In general, the powder nasal drug delivery route can offer the added benefit of fast drug absorption into the bloodstream, producing rapid onset of action along with extended stability and high dosing opportunities. With nasal powder drug delivery, the drug is delivered directly via the mucosa. The Powder Nasal Spray delivery route can also provide targeted local or systemic drug delivery and avoids painful needle injections.

Emergency use, crisis and rescue products

Our Unidose Powder system has been used in our customer’s nasal devices to deliver single doses of powder drug product in emergency, crisis, rescue or acute use situations. Our single-dose Powder Nasal Spray system offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies convenient and reliable single-powder dose intranasal delivery for a variety of medicines including potentially life-saving drugs and treatments for severe conditions.

Aptar Pharma has supported customers in the development of new nasal powder drug formulations for emergency use products to treat everything from life threatening drug overdoses to severe allergic reactions. In fact, the U.S. FDA recently approved a Powder Nasal Spray formulation for the treatment of hypoglycemia using Aptar Pharma’s nasal powder single dose system. Many existing treatments for these types of conditions were once limited to invasive injectable needle-based delivery systems.

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose Powder Nasal Spray system was designed to ensure that critical drug formulations are protected in a convenient, non-invasive and easy to carry system that is so intuitive to use, virtually anyone can administer the drug. And you always know your nasal drug delivery system is ready to use, with its tamper evident design and integrated dose indicator.

Full service support

Aptar Pharma isn’t just a manufacturer of powder delivery systems in nasal devices. We can provide full analytical, development and manufacturing services that can take your idea from formulation to patient. We know our OINDP systems and our technical capabilities are comprehensive. Aptar Pharma’s integrated offering means you can accelerate the development and manufacture of your new or existing product by leveraging our decades of experience in creating nasal delivery products.

Our track record means that we can derisk your product throughout the process, from system selection all the way to commercial production. Our step-by-step support includes formulation development, extractables and leachables tests, regulatory guidance and post launch support.

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Unidose (UDS) Powder Nasal Spray
System Features

  • One-handed Actuation
  • Limits Available Dose
  • Microbiological Integrity
  • Tamper Evident Features
  • Product Differentiation & IP
  • Tamper-Evident Feature
  • Customization & IP
  • Ergonomic Design

Low actuation force allows one-handed administration

The easy-to-use design means that successful administration is possible by non-medical professionals such as parents, caregivers or the patients themselves. This also makes Aptar Pharma’s Unidose powder nasal spray system attractive for emergency use applications where intuitive and simple administration can make all the difference in saving lives.

Minimize risk of abuse

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose powder nasal spray system provides only the minimum amount of drug needed in a single convenient dose. This eliminates user access to any excess drug product, particularly in cases where the drug may be addictive or requires a narrow therapeutic index.

Single use system integrity

With systems designed to protect powder formulations and keep them free from moisture and external contaminants, Aptar Pharma’s powder nasal single use system can extend the shelf life of the drug product and ensure the product is always ready for use when needed. Aptar Pharma’s Unidose powder nasal spray systems are single-use, so there is no risk of introducing product contamination from external bacterial.

Know your system is primed and ready

The Unidose powder nasal system’s design includes clearly visible tamper evident features indicate if the system has already been administered or if it has been tampered with. Patients can confidently know they always have a primed and filled system ready when they need it.

Stand out from the crowd

Aptar Pharma’s Unidose systems offer a variety of customization opportunities that can help to make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace. Product differentiation can help support brand recognition, product differentiation and patient appeal and can even support IP protection for your valuable drug product in certain cases.

Tamper-evident feature protects the drug product

The tamper evident feature indicates if the system has been used before or has been mishandled.

Customization offers IP protection

Customized designs are possible, and we can also offer IP protection for your drug product.

Ergonomic design and style ensures ease-of-use and accuracy

Patented designs enable steady, one-handed actuation and reliable delivery of a single metered dose.

Product Details

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Aptar Pharma can help bring new life to established drugs through our drug repositioning and lifecycle management services.
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