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Aptar Pharma’s VP7 platform was specifically designed to power prescription drug products administered either via the nose or under the tongue. Today it delivers several blockbuster prescription drug products marketed worldwide across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

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The Benchmark Technology for Prescription Nasal Drug Delivery

Powering prescription products, globally

The VP7 platform was specifically designed to power multi-dose prescription drug products that are administered nasally or sublingually. Today it is used in several market leading nasal prescription drug products and is marketed worldwide across Asia, Europe, and the USA. It’s the reference pump for many leading pain relieving medications, acting either locally or Systemically (CNS).

Proven technology and manufacturing excellence

Our global manufacturing footprint shows our successful track record of multi-site large scale GMP production, always committed to 100% quality. Our global footprint of GMP manufacturing sites use ISO7 clean rooms.

Services to accelerate and derisk your nasal drug development project

Our broad range of analytical and regulatory services can help guide you through the challenging and constantly evolving regulatory landscape, and get your product to market with reduced risk.

Innovative digital healthcare options to help improve patient’s health outcomes

Our VP7 pump is the ideal pump for a connected solution for Nasal drug delivery, in chronic and/or crisis treatments. Our digital healthcare offerings are available as fully integrated solutions or extensions (add-on).The VP7 spray pump is the platform of choice for electronic add on features such as dose counters, lock out mechanisms and child proof caps.

VP7 Spray Pump Advantages

  • Simple, Reliable and Accurate
  • For Liquids and Gels
  • Variable Dose Volumes
  • Customizable Materials

Easy to use for nasal and sublingual drug delivery

Each spray into the nostrils or under the tongue delivers an accurate dose which helps in relieving patient’s symptoms and their compliance with their treatments. The nasal/sublingual spray is also very easy and simple to use which can help patients with their overall compliance to treatments.

The dose delivered is accurate, the spray is fine and reproducible, which helps patient preference and accurate dose delivery.

Suitable for a wide variety of formulations

Suitable for liquid solutions, suspensions and viscous drug formulations including gels.

Dose volume from 50µl to 140µl

Suitable for a wide range of dose volumes from 50µl to 140µl with different closures.

Let us help you differentiate your brand

Our robust VP7 pump can be customized to meet your specific formulation needs, which can help you differentiate your brand in the market.

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We Have a Broad Range of Value Added Services to Accelerate and Derisk Your Drug Product Development.


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