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Aptar Pharma Discusses Intranasal Drug Delivery with PharmTech

Nasal drug delivery is rapidly gaining acceptance and becoming mainstream, thanks to the expanding body of knowledge on the subject. This approach is particularly useful in emergency situations, with naloxone being a prime example. Several pharmaceutical companies are exploring other molecules to adapt to this delivery method.

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Author(s): Reenal Gandhi
4 Aug 2023

Patients appreciate nasal drug delivery for its convenience, needle-free application, ease of administration, comfort, and the absence of fear associated with self-administration. Health Care Professionals (HCPs) are also in favor, as it is liked by patients and eliminates the need for sterilization.

Manufacturing nasal drug products is both straightforward and cost-effective. There are four primary factors to consider in development: the Molecule, the Formulation, the Technology, and the Patient. Specific attention must be given to the concentration and viscosity in formulation, as well as selecting the appropriate drug delivery technology to achieve the desired therapeutic effect and pharmacokinetic (PK) level. Dosages can vary, ranging from a single dose to multiple doses for chronic treatments.

Nasal drug delivery presents an interesting opportunity for Life Cycle Management (LCM), including extending the life of old molecules, off-patent drugs, generics, or oral products that are often associated with gastrointestinal (GI) side effects. This innovative method can simplify drug development and can reduce the overall costs of creating new drugs.

Looking ahead, the future of nasal drug delivery appears bright. There is increasing interest in delivering drugs to the upper part of the nasal cavity to cross the blood-brain barrier. Furthermore, there’s growing enthusiasm for powder formulations, which are more transportable than liquids, and for delivering biologics and other large molecules via the nasal pathway.

This podcast was delivered by Reenal Gandhi, Director Business Development, Aptar Pharma for Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Solutions, August 2023.

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