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Exploring the Benefits and Future Possibilities of Nasal Drug Delivery and Drug Repositioning

In a recent video, Dr Suman provided insights into the field of drug repositioning and the use of nasal drug delivery devices to repurpose drugs. Drug repositioning, also known as drug repurposing, is the process of identifying new uses for existing drugs. It involves studying the pharmacological properties of a drug and its effects on different diseases or conditions.

Watch the video "Exploring the Benefits and Future Possibilities of Nasal Drug Delivery and Drug Repositioning"
Speaker(s): Julie D. Suman
25 May 2023

The use of nasal devices for drug repositioning is gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits over traditional oral and injectable routes of administration. Aptar Pharma, a leader in nasal drug delivery, has extensive expertise in this area and provides a wide range of formulation and analytical services.

One of the key advantages of nasal drug repositioning is its faster time to market. Compared to developing new drugs from scratch, drug repositioning takes less time and resources. By leveraging the existing safety and efficacy data of a drug, researchers can accelerate the drug development process and potentially bring it to market sooner.

Another economic advantage of nasal drug repositioning is the potential cost savings. As repositioned drugs have already undergone clinical trials, the cost of testing and development is significantly reduced. This translates into lower costs for manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients.

The non-invasive nature of nasal drug delivery is also a major benefit. Unlike injections, which can be painful and invasive, nasal delivery is painless and easy to administer. This makes it a patient-friendly option, particularly for children and the elderly who may have difficulty with traditional routes of administration.

Furthermore, nasal drug delivery can be used for a wide range of formulations, including peptides and biologics. Aptar Pharma’s expertise in formulation services allows for customized solutions to meet specific drug delivery needs.

Analytical services, such as nasal cavity modelling and spray pattern analysis, are also key components of drug repositioning. Aptar Pharma has a proven track record of success in these areas, allowing for accurate and efficient drug delivery.

In conclusion, drug repositioning using nasal devices is a promising field with numerous benefits. Aptar Pharma’s expertise in nasal drug delivery, formulation services, and analytical services make them a leader in this area. With faster time to market, economic advantages, patient-friendly administration, and the ability to deliver a wide range of formulations, nasal drug repositioning is a viable option for drug developers looking to repurpose existing drugs for new indications.

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