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Aptar Pharma talks targeted drug delivery to the upper airways

The nose and upper respiratory system function as a path for air to enter the body while contributing to olfactory function, conditioning the breathed-in air and removing debris. Serving as a primary contact point with the environment, they can be a route for the entry of contaminants or disease as well as a site for heal­ing and protection using the latest targeted delivery technologies.

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Author(s): Dr. Degenhard Marx Dr. Fotos Stylianou Dr. Stavros Kassinos
Drug Development and Delivery
9 Sep 2021

Aptar Pharma’s novel PureHale® ready-to-use nebulizer-like technology was specifically developed to target the upper respiratory tract while minimizing deposition in the lower airways. PureHale provides a modern drug delivery technology option for the delivery of a fine mist for a variety of solutions to only the upper respiratory tract without significant deposition in the lungs and lower airways.

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