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Drug, Device, Digital: Reimagined Healthcare

Digital health has expanded considerably during the past decade with digital healthcare solutions moving towards the new standard of healthcare. There have also been considerable investments in on-demand healthcare, disease monitoring and care coordination over this time.

However, the widespread successful adoption of digital health requires an integrated offering and approach in the healthcare continuum from the drug development journey through to the patient and their healthcare provider. In Aptar Pharma, our approach is to offer a holistic pathway to maximize the value for complex conditions and to work with our Pharmaceutical partners who design, develop and implement digital health interventions.

This online discussion with renowned experts in the digital healthcare industry, highlighted the evolution of connected devices, Digital Therapeutics and overarching strategies for improving patient’s health outcomes for improved compliance and adherence. The end goal is clearly to improve patient health. However, across the healthcare continuum, the industry needs to collaborate and work together more frequently as well as improve the shared communication.

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Speaker(s): Aurore Beaume Celine Ulmann Stacy Feld Josh Raysman
5 Jul 2022

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