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Interview with Guillaume Brouet on Aptar Pharma Services

Aptar Pharma is the go-to drug delivery expert, with a long and illustrious track record of developing complete, successful drug delivery solutions, and a global leader in the market for drug delivery systems for respiratory and nasal drug delivery. This Q&A provides detailed insight into the company and its strengths explaining how expertise and infrastructure are combined to provide comprehensive services ranging from the drug delivery technology development and formulation analysis through to global regulatory approval and commercialization services. The wide-reaching nature and value of the integrated Aptar Pharma Services offering is highlighted notably for respiratory drug delivery. Aptar’s expertise in injectables, ophthalmics and in the area of digital healthcare are also covered and insight as to what it’s like to work with the company is provided.

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Author(s): Guillaume Brouet
1 Apr 2019

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