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Nasal Drug Delivery Challenges and Trends Ahead

The increased interest in developing intranasal vaccines has been partly fueled by the Covid 19 pandemic. The development is challenging, however, as the formulation needs to penetrate through the mucus barrier to trigger the immune response. It is also difficult as targeting the NALT region of the nose and its small area makes formulation development more demanding.

This interview reviews the challenges of developing intranasal vaccines, the development of novel nasal delivery systems, and Systemic nasal drug delivery as a novel delivery route for unmet needs in CNS treatments and Nose to Brain drug delivery. It also reviews some of the data available for delivering biologics through the nose.
The potential for new CNS conditions with nasal drug delivery is also reviewed, with new and existing nasal drug delivery technologies, which could potentially revolutionize the current treatment of CNS diseases, especially those where there are limited therapy options available such as degenerative diseases.

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Author(s): Gemma Budd
21 Jun 2022

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