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Using in vitro dissolution tests for local bioequivalence in OINDPs

Since local drug concentrations throughout the respiratory tract cannot be measured directly, determining local bioequivalence between two orally inhaled nasal drug products (OINDPs) is more complicated than for systemically acting drugs. This webinar discusses how to overcome the challenges in developing an in vitro dissolution test and release system for OINDP testing. The bioavailability of a pulmonary deposited dose, both locally and systemically, is directly affected by dissolution characteristics at the air- liquid interface. The Nanopharm UniDose and In-Vitro Release System (UniDose-IVRT) is introduced and its capabilities demonstrated via an investigation of the relationship between in vitro dissolution and release characteristics, for an aerosol dose; Nanopharm is an Aptar Pharma company. The ability of the UniDose-Raman system to characterize the microstructure of the aerosol dose enabling correlation with dissolution characteristics of the drug substance is highlighted.

April 21, 2020 5:00 PM London / 12:00 PM New York 1 Hour
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Presented by Pr. Rob Price
21 Apr 2020

Presented By

Pr. Rob Price

Chief Scientific Officer, Nanopharm, an Aptar Pharma Company

Prof. Rob Price is an acknowledged leader in the field of OINDPs.

Rob is the Chief Scientific Officer of Nanopharm Ltd, which is a company he founded specialising in the development of orally inhaled and nasal drug products. His research has been interfaced between engineering, pharmaceutical technology and computational pharmaceutics. He has patented several technologies and out licenced many of his inventions. Rob is a KOL in the orally inhaled and nasal drug product area and has been the recipient of several grants and contracts from the FDA’s Office of Generics.

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