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Rethinking Oral Solid Dose Packaging

Tablets and capsules are today’s most popular drug delivery forms but can exhibit stability issues associated with moisture, oxygen and volatile organic compound (VOC) impurities. This webinar discusses the development of specialized oral solid dose (OSD) packaging solutions with active desiccant and scavenger management technology. Sources of moisture, oxygen and VOCs in blister packaging are reviewed along with common strategies for mitigation and the differences between active and barrier technologies are explained. Aptar Pharma’s Activ-Blister™ Solutions are introduced as a highly effective solution for OSD packaging that provides exemplary product protection and can also expedite time-to-market. To support the design of an optimal blister package an accelerated shelf-life determination process is presented. This process uses an assessment of stability over a broad range of environmental conditions to develop a predictive model for shelf life and enable the development of theoretical blister designs that deliver the desired performance.

March 28, 2019 4:00 PM London / 12:00 PM New York 1 Hour
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Presented by Badre Hammond Craig Voellmicke Maria J. Krisch
28 Mar 2019

Presented By

Badre Hammond

VP Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP

Badre Hammond’s background is in Biochemistry with 14 years’ experience in pharmaceutical product development with focus on nasal and pulmonary drug delivery systems. Mr. Hammond has broad experience in managing development of novel drug product programs for the pharmaceutical market from formulation development, pre-clinical, CMC, to clinical phase.

Craig Voellmicke

Vice President, Business Development, Aptar CSP Technologies

Maria J. Krisch

Senior Scientist, FreeThink Technologies

Maria Krisch is a Senior Scientist at FreeThink Technologies, Inc. where she is responsible for leading company projects focused on chemical and physical stability.  Dr. Krisch received her B.A. in chemistry from Swarthmore College and her Ph.D. in physical chemistry with a focus on molecular dynamics from the University of Chicago (as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow).  She conducted post-doctoral research in physical chemistry at the University of California, Irvine, studying the surface structure and reactivity of liquids.  Dr. Krisch served on the faculty and led a research group at Trinity College in Hartford, CT for eight years before joining FreeThink Technologies, Inc. in 2017.  She is a co-author on over 20 publications.

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