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Aptar Beauty + Home Mobilizes Global Resources in the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

Aptar Beauty + Home, leader in dispensing and packaging solutions for the global cosmetics industry, is mobilizing its resources in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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1 Apr 2020

Aptar Beauty + Home, leader in dispensing and packaging solutions for the global cosmetics industry, is mobilizing its resources in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. By moving promptly to reorganize its production priorities, Aptar was able to swiftly deliver essential supplies to customers as they began manufacturing health and safety products for first-line responders.

Essential Link in the Supply Chain

Manufacturers around the world have mobilized to produce essential items like hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial products for health workers. Aptar’s world-class production capabilities meant it was able to respond to the urgent need for large quantities of essential items like pumps and closures for hand sanitizers.

  • Aptar delivered Satine and Euroflow pumps in record time to French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, one of the country’s first major companies to repurpose cosmetics manufacturing facilities to produce hydroalcoholic gels.
  • French beauty company L’Oréal (Deutschland) praised Aptar for its ability to quickly deliver GS lotion pumps which enabled it to begin producing hand sanitizer products in mid-March, as lockdown restrictions were being enacted across Europe.

Leveraging Aptar’s International Networks

Key to such successful outcomes has been Aptar’s ability to leverage international manufacturing facilities despite strict controls on the movement of goods across European borders.

  • Aptar Italia produced GSA pumps for Spanish manufacturer Laboratorios Maverick, enabling it to speed up production of hand sanitizers for Spanish hospitals.
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer that were donated from the Groupe Rocher to the University Hospital (CHU) of Rennes were equipped with Aptar’s GS lotion pump and transport safety clips.
  • Aptar Beauty + Home’s Full-Service team is deploying its capabilities to manufacture and donate bottles of hydroalcoholic gel equipped with Aptar HighFlow pumps to pharmacies and clinics in the Auvergne-Rhones Alpes region.

Imagination Repurposes Invention

In response to the urgent need for protective masks, one of Aptar’s very own Product Design Engineers, based in Illinois, is making a difference in his community by personally 3D printing face shields and ear guards for local hospitals and fire departments.

Aptar’s Employees: The Heart of Our Response

Aptar is particularly proud of the efforts of its employees during this challenging time, employees have been quick to reveal a commendable generosity of spirit. Upon their own initiation, workers at Aptar Italia raised €12,050 for the local hospital, while employees at Aptar’s Torello site in Spain have also begun raising money internally to donate to the Hospital General de Vic. In response, Aptar has committed to doubling
the funds raised by staff.

Aptar’s Various European Operations Have Been Pleased to Donate Much-Needed Supplies in Response to Specific Regional Needs

  • Aptar Charleval donated 20 kits of coveralls and gloves to local firemen and nurses.
  • Aptar Verneuil donated 100 coveralls to a local aged- care facility, and masks and coveralls to Dreux Hospital.
  • Aptar Oyonnax donated 80 protective glasses to local police services, and some 300 protective gowns and 50 protective glasses to local hospitals.
  • Aptar Poincy donated 2,360 FFP2 masks and 150l of hydroalcoholic gel to regional authorities for distribution to local hospitals.
  • Aptar Madrid has donated essential equipment including glasses and gowns to local police and hospitals.
  • Aptar Ballinasloe (Ireland) has provided the use of a two-bedroom apartment to local hospital staff.

Aptar is committed to providing the best solutions and services to our partners, while focusing on the health and safety of our employees throughout the duration of the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

We have taken all necessary steps to protect our front- line manufacturing teams to ensure we can continue to produce products essential to fighting the pandemic, such as pumps and closures for hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial products, pharma solutions that help save lives, or food and beverage solutions to help people maintain basic nutritional needs.

Aptar will continue to monitor and analyse our global processes and responses as the pandemic evolves. Our Covid-19 Global Action Team is meeting daily and has instigated the Covid-19 Exposure Control Plan to protect our employees and operations. This ensures business continuity while prioritizing the health of our employees will continue to be our primary focus during this difficult time.

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