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Aptar Food + Beverage Offers a Wide Range of Closures That Promote Clean and Enjoyable Honey Dispensing

Understanding the messy experience associated with dispensing honey, Aptar Food + Beverage brings to market a wide range of products designed to promote cleanliness.

6 Dec 2021

Over nearly 50 years of producing closures, Aptar Food + Beverage has offered a wide range of closures paired with the best-in-class flow control valves to help promote a clean and enjoyable consumer experience for honey consumers.

Enhance Consumer Convenience and Satisfaction

Understanding the messy experience associated with dispensing honey, Aptar’s products, such as Dolce, Royal, Ultra Pour Spout, and the Frost collection, are designed to promote cleanliness. Those closures can be integrated with Aptar’s high-performance valves, SimpliSqueeze® or SimpliCycle™. The valve assists with clean product cutoff, reducing unwanted spills, and keeping both the bottle and the closure clean. Additionally, SimpliSqueeze® and SimpliCycle™ help with product dosing and provide constant product flow, bringing even more convenience for consumers.

Aptar’s closures can act as a wide base for inverted packaging where the product is always ready to be dispensed, and therefore, help to increase product evacuation. Additionally, the large finger recesses and easy-open lids allow for one-handed use, enabling consumers to easily lift, squeeze, and close the lid, all with one-handed convenience.

Promote Recyclability

Aptar’s closures can be paired with Aptar’s SimpliCycle™ recyclable valve, which is easily separated from the PET stream and recycled within the PP/PE olefin stream.

Stand Out on Store Shelves

Beyond consumer convenience and promoting recyclability, Aptar’s closures are offered in many stock color options and can be customized to match brands’ identity and catch the consumer’s attention on the shelf.

Another way these solutions help brands differentiate is through features such as Dolce’s unique shape and Tab Top’s ergonomic design, as well as through Royal’s bi-injection capabilities.

As the global leader in dispensing solutions, Aptar is ready to help with your honey packaging needs! Contact us or visit to learn more.

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