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Moving Towards Greater Recyclability in Drug Delivery – Sustainable Solutions by Aptar Pharma

Whether it’s to eliminate PVC, use less conventional plastic drive up recyclability or reduce the amount of secondary and tertiary packaging, pharmaceutical companies are working hard to reduce the CO2 footprint of drug dispensing. This talk looks at the unique challenges associated with improving recyclability in drug delivery, at strategies that can help, and at the drug delivery solutions Aptar Pharma already has in place to strengthen a circular approach.

Consumer demand and increasingly stringent regulations, such as the EU Regulation on Packaging and Packaging waste, are pushing for more sustainable solutions and recyclability. This impacts Pharma as well and drives the development of more sustainable solutions in drug delivery. However, the industry needs to strike a balance between environmental impact and patient safety. Secondary and tertiary packaging is relatively easy to tackle, with options to recycle, reduce, remove and, for tertiary reuse. But for primary dispensing packaging the choices narrow to reduction, replacement and potentially recycling though purity and safety are key concerns.

It is in this area that Aptar Pharma is successfully introducing innovative approaches via the Futurity solutions platform. Products covered in the talk include: the Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser, a multidose, preservative-free alternative to single-dose, Blow Fill Seal; the Airless+ range of dermal drug delivery systems with certified recyclability; and Proventu, a fully recyclable monomaterial tube closure with tethered cap. The talk concludes with an introduction to the latest addition to the platform – APF Futurity, a highly recyclable metal-free nasal spray pump – and will be of interest to anyone looking for more sustainable drug dispensing solutions.

A learning lab talk delivered by Julien Storz, February 2023

Watch Webinar Moving Towards Greater Recyclability in Drug Delivery - Sustainable Solutions by Aptar Pharma
Speaker(s): Julien Storz
13 Mar 2023

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