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Supporting Patients and HCPs with New Digital Technology

Chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) present a huge burden on society. Driven by harmful environmental, occupational, and behavioral exposures, these diseases will continue to increase worldwide if new measures to improve respiratory health are not implemented.

This interview reviews the current challenges to patients and their care teams and highlights how advancing technologies can facilitate the delivery of care.

One such technology is Aptar Pharma’s HeroTracker® Sense. This innovation has the potential to reduce the burden of chronic respiratory diseases on HCPs, nurse practitioners and patients.  This novel connected healthcare device transforms a standard metered dose inhaler into a connected healthcare device. It provides valuable feedback to patients to help them use their pMDI as intended and supports their inhalation technique. It also provides valuable analytics to the HCP and insights into patient training and onboarding, thereby helping care teams to better understand real-life situations and use of pMDIs, and adapt treatment plans accordingly.

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Author(s): Marcus Bates
30 Jun 2022

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