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Aptar Beauty is a leading provider of e-commerce capable and sustainable packaging solutions for all distribution channels.

The Advantages of Omnichannel Packaging


Integrating omnichannel packaging into your product line up simplifies your supply chain, whether it be direct to consumer, in-store, or online.

Cost Optimization

Our omnichannel dispensing and full packaging options are designed to minimize risk of leaking or breaking in transit, helping your brand reduce chargeback costs from your retailers. 


There is less of a need for excess overwrapping to ensure products arrive safely, thanks to integrated design functionalities. Also, as with all of our packaging and dispensing solutions, we are continually looking at ways to integrate monomaterial designs or recycled resins into our products as we work towards a more circular future. 

Improved Consumer Experience

The customer experience is significantly improved and provides a frustration-free unboxing experience.

We’re enhancing the consumer experience, improving the perception of our brand partners, and minimizing the environmental impact of our packaging and dispensing solutions.


Our Three-Pronged Approach to Innovation in Omnichannel Packaging



We adapted our existing product range to reinforce the specific requirements needed for omnichannel packaging. We added clips and increased the robustness of pumps to minimize leaking or breaking in transit.


We completely redesigned our packaging by integrating functional design elements such as built-in locking rings and tamper-evident seals to eliminate the need for excess overwrapping.



We continually focus on rethinking the “inside the box” experience for our brand partners, and how we can help them optimize the consumer experience in-store and online, while minimizing the packaging environmental impact.

Aptar Beauty is an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) program. We offer on-site ISTA-6 lab testing, ensuring our omnichannel dispensing solutions are ISTA-6 Amazon certified.

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Product Highlights

Dispensing & Spray Pumps

Omnichannel Ecommerce

Future Lotion Pump

An award-winning fully recyclable* and e-commerce capable** dispensing pump, Future’s innovative design features an integrated lock/unlock ring and a 360° free-rotating actuator that helps minimize the risk of breakage during transport. Future is suitable for a range of viscosities, can be customized with two dosage and neck size options, and is available in a variety of colors thanks to its unique three-part design.


HiFlow E-Commerce Lotion Pump

A large dosage dispensing pump designed specifically to address omnichannel distribution challenges. The actuator design helps reduce the risk of breakage, and features a lock-down system to prevent actuation during transport. HiFlow E-Commerce also features a metal-free pathway to ensure optimal formula compatibility and is shower proof, preventing water regression.

EuroFlow Lotion Pump

The patented EuroFlow® technology provides reliable, consistent dosage in a familiar, user-friendly design. EuroFlow is a versatile, e-commerce capable** dispensing pump made for a wide range of viscosity products and is available in shower proof designs.


PZ Twist Spray Pump

Our new sustainable, easy-to-use and high performance spray pump. PZ Twist features twist-to-lock technology so no cap is needed, and is ideal for sun care and hair care applications. It is available in Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR).

Closures & Pouch Spouts

E-Simplicity Flip Top Closure

A flip top closure that features an integrated tamper evident tear band and is ideal for safe and controlled dispensing. It is available in two different orifice sizes: 3mm, 6mm and with SimpliSqueeze® or Squeeze & Spray valve technology. E-Simplicity is available in Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) and ISCC Certified Mixed Recycled Resin and is ISTA-6 certified.

Purity Lite Tube Top 

An innovative HDPE tube top that creates a fully recyclable package when paired with an HDPE or PE tube. The closure features a unique, low-profile design for a sleek look, and is up to 47% more lightweight compared to a standard tube top.



QuickFlip Flexible Closure

An HDPE pouch spout for flexible packaging that features an innovative and differentiated design for on-shelf appeal. QuickFlip is an e-commerce capable solution thanks to its tamper evident feature and available with our patented SimpliSqueeze® valve for controlled dispensing and clean cut-off.

Airless & Mini Packaging

Macro Airless Packaging

A bottom-fill airless package for high-viscosity formulas. The airless technology guarantees formula protection and features excellent product evacuation rate and 360° dispensing. Macro is available with a wide range of actuators and decoration options.

Imagin Mini Packaging

A resealable, ultra-flat mini packaging solution that dispenses a real fragrance experience. Imagin is ideal for extensive branding, e-commerce capable** and suited for sampling, trial sets, and omnichannel distribution.

Pacto Spray or Lotion Mini Packaging

A mini package designed for on- the-go use. At 8.15cm tall, this 25 ml pack takes up minimal space and provides over 140 dosages.

Aerosol Accessories 

Glide Aerosol Actuator

A uniquely designed aerosol dispensing solution that combines one-handed dispensing with on-the-go product security. Its hoodless, twist-to-lock design offers an intuitive swiping motion and multiple sensorial cues through an intuitive locking/unlocking swiping motion. Glide is e-commerce capable** and manufactured utilizing 58% less resin compared to a standard aerosol actuator and over cap.

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