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Aptar Beauty Releases a New White Paper on Inclusive Design

Global leader in dispensing systems Aptar Beauty continues the conversation on inclusive design with a new White Paper. Entitled ‘From Field Work to Prototype: A Comprehensive Guide to Aptar’s Inclusive Product Design Process’, it highlights the importance of inclusivity in the beauty sector. More specifically, it seeks to inspire the market by sharing its internal design process, which integrates Universal Design Principles to create accessible dispensing solutions.

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By Allison Kieffer Global Communications Manager
11 Jul 2024

Choosing The Right Inclusivity Partner

To establish the design process, Aptar Beauty collaborated with APF France handicap, an organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities in France. The NGO supported Aptar Beauty by integrating UX design and ethnography approaches to understand the realities and experiences of people with disabilities.

“By adopting universal design principles, beauty brands can address the specific needs of the elderly or disabled people with fine motor disorders. At Aptar, we are convinced that this approach is the right way to innovate.”

Xavier Joseph, Vice President Global, Marketing & Innovation, Aptar Beauty.

Easy Steps Towards Inclusive Design

The new White Paper builds on the topics discussed in its earlier paper, ‘The Role of Packaging Dispensing in Making Beauty More Inclusive’, published in October 2023. It delves into the practicalities of embedding inclusivity within the product development process.

Structured in four parts, it describes building awareness as well as exploring habits and usage, then product testing, and concluding with a selection of the accessible solutions resulting from the process. Throughout the paper, useful information is shared on the Principles of Universal Design, as well as insights into the relationship of people with disabilities with their hygiene and beauty products.

Consumer-Tested Inclusive Dispensing Solutions

Five products in Aptar Beauty’s catalog are showcased for being especially valued by individuals with fine motor skill disorders, thanks to their easy-to-use design: the GSA Dispensing Pump with N4 or T8 Swan actuator, EuroFlow with Falcon Actuator, the Vita Dispening Pump and the Gladiator Aerosol Actuator.

Aptar’s overarching objective is to introduce an inclusive packaging line that caters to all consumers.

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